bioprinting case

The task is on bioprinting. Need to be able to market it. Going with a budget of $100k, but it’s being divided into sections, just mentioning the amount to give a scale of the company itself. Bioprinting is new and has a lot of potential.

industry and market – what other companies are there in the same business, how are their services any different than this company, is this company planning to do something better than what the others are doing, how much money is invested by other companies, what are their revenues, what are their profits, how much stronger or weaker do they look in comparison to this company, how will this company break into the sector, etc.

marketing plan – how does this company market its products/ services, what media does this company utilize (should utilize), is social media an asset to this business, what is the target audience, what is the best way to get to them, etc.…

Just google bioprinting marketing. Reference when needed. And answer marketing plan and industry.

Need 4-5 pages at least.