bmg patterns

Please prepare a written assignment related to the five Patterns listed in the Patterns reading. Please detail how they apply to a specific venture or market opportunity. You may use an actual company, a new business concept, or the company you are using for your final project or presentation.

The objective is to find 5 different businesses that have developed successful (or even unsuccessful) strategies pursuing a similar market opportunity, you may be very broad with your application. The objective is to better understand possible models for your market opportunity and apply to your venture.

Here is how to structure your assignment in outline form:

  1. An introduction describing your market opportunity (and/or company).
  2. List each pattern, definition, example and conclude how applies. Remember: Patterns are unbundled, long tail, multisided, free and open.
  3. Overall conclusion on what type of pattern you believe will be successful in this market or opportunity.