book reflection project

Upon completion of My Body Poilitic, students will write a 3- to 4-page reflection paper or generate a reflective project. The reflective project is self-directed and will include a summary of the book and an application of the concepts discussed in the book. The reflective project provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate means of action and expression using the UDL guidelines. Students are encouraged to share a brief proposal of the reflective project idea with the instructor for approval and feedback.

Ideas: Use APA style citations in quoting Simi Linton’s book (primary source) and in quoting secondary sources (perhaps use other disability-themed books, documentaries or fictional films, or scholarly papers found in databases through King Library site…).This might be for a conventional research paper. Or do a miniature “Multi-genre paper” in which you summarize important parts of Simi’s book, as well as expressing your reactions to it in various genres (Try googling multigenre paper for more ideas…)

The main point of your paper is not just a summary, but your reaction (and possibly others’ reactions) to the events and themes in the book. What did you learn? How has the book altered your knowledge of disability and changed your approach toward real people with disabilities? [Include a References page, correctly cited with APA style.]