Boolean Conditions Using Logical Operator Paper School

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Read Programming Control Structures By Dr. Wayne Brown. C. Take notes regarding the topics listed within each step.

a)Learn how to logically create complex decisions. Understand logical operators (AND, OR, and NOT)

b)Create compound Boolean conditions using logical operators

Use truth table to evaluate compound conditions (Truth table for OR, AND, and NOT operators

Learn how to structure the program logic using compound conditions by reading: Compound Statements Article

a)Understand the AND logic and OR logic

b)Avoid common errors when using AND logic and OR logic

c)Understand precedence when using AND and OR operators

Learn how to structure the program logic using nested decisions by watching the video:

. Take note of the following topics:a)Evaluate compound conditions using Decision tables

b)Make selection within ranges

c) Validate user input 

Create a JAVA Program to display the numbers 1-10. Although you could program a solution that has ten lines of code like the following, think about why this would be a bad idea when developing a programming solution:
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Print 4 (continued to Print 10)