brand analysis project focus on fanta soft drink industry

BRAND ANALYSIS PROJECT (The brand to focus on is Fanta)

Situation & Assignment

You’ve landed your first job as an assistant to a brand manager. Your boss, Miranda Priestly, wants to make sure your company’s brandis remaining competitive, so she assigns you this project:

  • Review all publicly available information related to your focal brand andthe product category
  • Prepare a detailed analysis of your focal brand and product category, and
  • Make three recommendations to improve your focal brand’s competitive position based on the findings of your research. (recommendations should be specific to the US market)


In this individually-written report, you will demonstrate your writing, research abilities, and knowledge of concepts presented in this course. The assignment also gives you the chance to practice using charts and exhibits. As a bonus, the completed report can serve as your writing sample for internships and jobs.

I already Finished the part 1, so still Part 2-5 are left, pls follow the instruction and use IBIS World, Simmons, Mintel, and Statista as the main resources.