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Please answer each of the following questions with a short essay (at least 300 words, so roughly 900 words in total). Your answers should fully address each question, but they needn’t incorporate every detail from the notes and texts. Instead, you should carefully choose appropriate and compelling examples for each of essays. So long as you explain why your chosen examples are relevant and necessary to the essay, you should be fine. I strongly encourage you to use evidence from the texts and lectures, including primary source evidence.

Every example should be cited carefully. You may use any of the major citation methods (MLA, Chicago, APA) so long as you are correct and consistent throughout.

These essays should be formal in tone. Write as though you are explaining these concepts and developments to someone who is NOT an expert in these fields. Include necessary explanatory details and background information. Use third-person point-of-view. Be careful of grammar throughout.

You must work alone and are strongly discouraged from using internet or other sources to answer these questions. You have everything you need in lecture notes and textbook readings to address these questions fully. Any evidence of cheating will be considered carefully and likely result in a failing grade for the assignment.

Answer each of the questions below:

1. How did the goals and impact of Britain’s empire change over the course of the nineteenth century?

2. How did Britain’s wars in the first half of the twentieth century impact its global and domestic politics?

Book we used

Susan Kingsley Kent, A New History of Britain since 1688 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016) ISBN: 9780199846504

Philippa Levine, The British Empire: Sunrise to Sunset (Harlow, England: Pearson Education Limited, 2007) ISBN: 9780582472815

Marc Mulholland, Northern Ireland: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002) ISBN: 9780192801562