bus100 strayer discussion wk 8

Characteristics of Effective Managers

PART 1 – Review the management styles and characteristics of these four managers

Bio 1 Bio 2 Bio 3 Bio 4

Farook Singh
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Ryan Wagner
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Victoria Buchtan
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Vanessa Bailey
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After reviewing the profiles of the four managers, answer the following questions (one paragraph per question):

  1. Which manager would you personally prefer to work for and why?
  2. What would be one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of working for this manager?
  3. If you were placed in a management position, which of the personal characteristics discussed in the manager’s profiles would you most need to work on to be effective?


Read a post by one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections.

Peer Response:

“I chose Victoria Buchton because I can see myself in her. I would definitely like to work for her. I like her characteristics as a manager. She lets her employees have a voice in the company and I think that is great. Just to know that she empowers her employees is great also.

She encourages her employees because she feels they are worth more than they felt they were. She wants them to take a risk and be afraid to fail. That is when she will have to push you harder. She does not care because, in the end, it is good for them.”