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The citizens United versus Federal Election Commission case study assignment

The case to you will be using for the assignment can be found on page three or four of your business society and government textbook. The case study presents the history of events leading up to the Supreme Court of the United States decision in Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission. It also includes a brief summary of the public’s reaction to the decision and some thoughts to consider about the effect of the indecision. The summit requires you to identify stakeholders who will be or have been affected by the court’s decision in this case, and the impacts cycles will have in the aftermath of the court’s decision? This video gives you a brief review of stakeholder theory and give you an idea of what skills you will be expected to demonstrate when you complete this assignment. Your textbook defined stakeholder as an entity that is benefited or burdened by the actions of a corporation or whose actions may benefit or burden. The corporation, some common examples of stakeholders, would include customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and the community. In your assignment, you will be asked to identify all relevant stakeholders and determine how they could be or have been affected by the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen United. You should put yourself in each stakeholder position. What do they care about the outcome of the decision? How will they be affected? What outcome would they prefer ultimately? What are their arguments in support of their preferred outcomes? You will want to consider the power, urgency and legitimacy, the each stakeholder presents. To summarize, do not answer the questions that followed the case. Instead, identify all the stakeholders’ affect by the court’s decision and determine the impact the court’s decision has had or will have on the stakeholders, or the impact of the stakeholders could have the aftermath of the court’s decision.