business analytics data driven decision support

One doc for report, and excel files for the following:

Describe the dataset you chose. What are the attributes (meta data that describe what the day

value means)? How many records there are.

5. List kinds of questions that your dataset can answer? You have to think of end users and the

challenges or knowledge gap they may have and you could help. You should have at least three

or more questions listed.

6. Develop visual analytics products to answer the questions in item 3. The analyses should

include a subset of the following basic analyses:

a. Data description (statistics) – mean/average of some attributes

b. Correlation analysis between X1 and X2 variables

c. Pivot table analysis (and/or Pivot chart) to summarize the data

d. Grouping/segmenting of data (e.g. what the count/average/max of X by gender or by

age groups, etc.) – bar, column or pie graphs

e. Geographic/Map analysis (e.g. where is the hotspot of X or location of X instances)

f. Temporal trend analysis (e.g. yearly or monthly graph of X )

g. Word Cloud or tag cloud analysis (If there are text or tag related columns)

h. Regression Analysis to predict Y from X’s.

7. Submit your report describing items above 4-6:

  • Data description, values to support decisions
  • Describe the tools you used (e.g. Excel or Tableau or some other analytics tools you
  • used)

  • Make sure you pose a question(s) (decisions) that each analysis can address or support.
  • Add the screen shots in the report for each analysis
  • Add the URL for your analysis, if done on an online platform