Business Ethics Survey Project

Business Ethics Survey Project

Students will be required to create a 30 question business ethics survey and utilize this instrument to survey 20 individuals employed in a business. Students will then tabulate and summarize their results. No names should be revealed in this project.

1. Display your list of survey questions.

2. Create a graphical display of your results. (chart)

3. Discuss your findings.




Never <——>Always


You call in sick just to get time off

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


You take personal cellphone calls during business hours

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


You surf the internet on company computers

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


You take home small, insignificant items such as pencils or paper

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


You take longer lunches than required


Graph the results using a bar chart, pie chart etc.


Business Ethics Survey Question Examples


R= regularly

O= occasionally

S= seldom

N= never

1. I call in sick to get the day off, when I am not sick.

2. I do personal work while on company time.

3. I mail personal things through the company mail.

4. I use the company car for personal business.

5. I take my friends to dinner and charge the expense to the company.

6. I use the company copier for personal use.

7. I accept gifts from customers or suppliers in exchange for giving them business.

8. I take home company supplies or merchandise.

9. I put in for reimbursement for meals and travel or other expenses that I did not actually eat or make.


Use any type of graphical display that will effectively illustrate your findings. (i.e. bar charts, pie chart etc..)

Compile your survey results in a Word or Excel document. Make sure your name is somewhere on the document. Attach the document to this assignment page and click the submit button.

Then, copy/paste your survey results to the discussion board forum for the Business Ethics Survey and respond to two other students’ posts.