business model entrepreneurship

Make a business model for an original business idea. This can be a real or an imaginary commercial or social business or a plan for an existing small business that located in Sultanate of Oman based in Muscat.

The interactive chapter exercises on the textbook website allow you to build your business model.

This should include a brief description of the business idea, a market and competitor analysis followed by the business model for its commercial launch, using the format in your textbook. (look: New Venture Creation, Paul Burns,2018)

Your word-limit does not include the title page, any references, and any supporting documentation.

Important Note:

(Every Calculation or Numbers Put in the assignment Should be clearly presented in details how you decided to put it? And why and the why you got this number In the Appendix, like drafts and calculations with all notes as a proof for your ruff works)

Learnings Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
  • Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

Demonstrate a critical understanding of the entrepreneurial character, start-up and growth strategies, and business planning.

Formulate and produce a comprehensive viable business model following a critical assessment of a market opportunity, using creativity, innovation, and an understanding of financial resource implications.

1. Evidence understanding of the planning process in developing a business idea

2. Demonstrate the capacity for the design, development, and thorough analysis explicate in developing a business model for an opportunistic commercial or social venture

3. Evidence financial planning through quantification of resource need and available to launch a business venture

4. Reasonable discussion and evaluation on two specific (undisclosed) parts of your business model

The assessment focuses on starting a new venture, the planning process in developing that business idea. In class each phrase is broken down into a number of stages, each covering what you need to start your new venture.

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