business model papers with selected core strategy of food or agribusiness firm 1

Each student is to describe the core strategy (or business model) of a food or agribusiness firm of their choice. You may not choose a firm that we have covered in class (i.e. Benihana, Coca- Cola, PepsiCo, Lipman, Trader Joes, Meakin). Your description of the firm’s core strategy should include the following elements:

(1) Mission/Vision Statement and Strategic Objectives

(2) Customer Value/Competitive Advantage

(3) Strategic Initiative

(4) Strategic Scope

a. Product/Market Scope

b. Geographic Scope

c. Resource Development

(5) Innovation Strategy

(6) Industry Role

(7) Vertical Coordination

The paper is limited to 5 pages plus exhibits(i.e. tables, graphs, appendices). You must also include a one-page executive summary (not included in the 5-page limit).

And I have attached the full requirements file and two samples which you can use as references from instructor.

This papers will due on this coming up Saturday November 23th 10 pm EST, it’s three days from now.