Business/Organization Profile and Analysis

Business/Organization Profile and Analysis

The Critical Thinking assignments in this course build upon each other to help you complete the final Portfolio Project, an instructional design blueprint for a business or organization. In this step, you will research and select the business or organization you plan to use in your Portfolio Project.

Ideally, you will select a real business or organization because this will provide you with the opportunity to solve real-world problems and practice dealing with the complexities of organizations that grow and change in response to multifaceted issues. This step may require additional research to ensure that you can obtain all the information needed to complete the profile.

Complete the sections for Module 2 in the Portfolio Project template (linked below) which detail the following information:

  • Name the proposed design model (you named one in your Module 1 Critical Thinking assignment; you can use that one or a different one if you have changed your mind based on instructor feedback or new research).
  • Determine the business/organization you want to build your instructional design blueprint (see Portfolio Project) for. In order to make your learning as meaningful and real-world as possible, your business/organization should be a real one. However, if this is not possible, you can create an imaginary one.
  • Provide a brief business/organization profile and analysis that includes the following:
    • Name of business/organization
    • Business strategy (mission, values, and goals)
    • Business drivers
    • Organizational culture
    • Environmental factors affecting the organization.

After completing these parts of the template, indicate why the instructional design model you selected aligns well with this organization. If you have decided to change your mind from your original plan in Module 1, fill in the new model you plan to use and complete this section as outlined above.