business policies and strategies quiz

Please confirm if you can do it first and then bid on it. Use the results from the attached Capstone Courier 5.2c link below.Capstone Courrier and Inquirer Results 5.2c.xlsx

Here is the example question.

According to the information found on the production analysis of the Capstone Courier 5.2.C.xlsx., Andrews sold 3,755 units of Acre. Assuming that Acre maintains constant market share, all the units are sold in the low-end market segment and the growth rate remains the same at 11.7%, how many years will it take before Acre will not be able to meet future demand unless the company adds production capacity. Exclude any existing inventory.

Andrew’s product manager is considering lowering the price of Acre by $2.50 and wants to know what the impact will be on the product’s contribution margin. Assuming no inventory carrying costs, what will Acre’s contribution margin be if the price is lowered?