business problem solving it s a excel works and some calculation question about 50mins works check the file for details question

Sheet 1

  • On Sheet 1; using Goal Seek, what should be the actual value of Test 19 for the average score to be 98
  • On Sheet 1, use Goal Seek to solve the simultaneous equation

Sheet 2

  • Using Data Table complete the columns for:
  • Using paragraphs, explain all the columns you just created in Sheet 2; and how can top managements make specific/general decisions using the values in the table (i.e. columns) you have created
  • Using the columns you just created then draw any three charts/graphs with titles and label the charts/graphs appropriately. Also, make sure you use at least three paragraphs to explain each of the charts/graphs that you drew…be very general/specific—how can top managements make decisions using your explanations/charts/graphs
  • Create an eleventh column call (Faith) that ranked the column called “Weight” in ascending order
  • Create a twelfth column called LOVE and the formula to compute LOVE is:
  • For each column compute the following: average, minimum value, maximum value, total value, median, mode, Standard deviation, and a function that count all value in each columns that are greater than the number fifteen


Sales Revenue

Total variable Cost

Contribution Margin

Total Fixed Costs

Profit before Taxes

Note: Make sure the above column titles in the MS Excel file have the right and appropriate formula.

Sheet 3

Due Day:11.11