busn623 discussion

Course Objective: CO4 Evaluate the effects of constitutional provisions on business.

Prompt: Consider the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. case in your Week 2 Lessons required readings. What are the constitutional implications on business exemplified by this case? Which constitutional provisions were at issue? Hobby Lobby Stores is a family owned business. Do you think this made a difference in the court’s consideration of Hobby Lobby’s religious freedom argument? Would the same argument work for a large publicly held corporation like IBM? Should it? If not, why is there a constitutional distinction? Finally, the article by Kelsey Dallas (also in your readings) posits that the Hobby Lobby case has both hurt and helped religious freedom. How so? Do you agree? Should a business be able to invoke the 1st Amendment protection at all? (For this last question you might want to take a look at the Supreme Court’s opinion in the Citizens United case.)

Please clearly and thoroughly discuss these questions in a well organized post and utilize research sources in support of your essay (see rubric).

As stated in the Rubric:

Main essay response – minimum word count 300

Reply essay response – minimum word count 150

Note: Dictionaries and encyclopedias and web “info” sites are not acceptable outside research. Wikipedia in particular is a huge NO NO. Do real research. Do not knee jerk to Google unless it is Google Scholar. Use APUS Library (which accesses Google Scholar among other databases).