c activity need output to look like images should be able to run them on visual studio 2017

Start with the the three files from Figures 8.10-8.12 (Those files are attached). Modify the DeckOfCardsTest.cs file to deal a five-card poker hand. The program will then display a message indicating whether or not the hand contains a pair.

Requirements –

  1. Store the hand dealt as an array of 5 Cards.
  2. Use nested for loops to determine if a pair exists
  3. Because the Face and Suit properties in the Card class are private, you will need to modify the Card class so that you can compare the Face value of each card in the DeckOfCardsTest class.
  4. Display a message if the hand has 2-pair. Note that this is hard to test. I recommend that you generate many hands (like 1000) and only display hands with two pair to test it.

Images included to show sample output.