ca and other state laws allowing a patient the right to die term paper 1

The term paper must follow the outline i provided below!! It should include my thesis, Sources of Law , Topic Related Legal Cases and Major Points/Areas of Paper Discussion!! ( it doesnt have to be exact just a bit similar to the outline because the professor will check)

Academic Paper Guidelines

1. The paper should be 10 to 12 pages in length (not counting the title page or reference list),

double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides (12 pt. font) and in APA format.

2. Insert page numbers with the first page of the


labeled as page 1.

3. References material must be from scholarly works and

must be from an outside source not

from the Textbook

. Wikipedia is not an allowed reference source. Use of Legal entities and

Law Firm articles and editorials is not allowed (do not quote for their web-sites). Use editorial

and referencing styles as specified in the APA Publication Manual ( ).

4. The title page should be formatted as follows:

HSCI. 414

Health Law

Spring 2016

Term Paper: (Title)

Student Name


Course Instructor: Professor Jackson


The evaluation of the paper will be based on whether you addressed all aspects of the

assignment, the strength of your analysis, the quality of your written work, organization, flow,

clarity, depth, mechanics of writing such as grammar, spelling, etc.), and the correct

application of APA style