California National University Wk 2 Health IT Strategies and Solutions Discussion

Week Two: Discussion – Health IT Strategies and Solutions

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Congratulations – Your consulting firm has just been hired to assist a large complex healthcare delivery organization with its health IT strategic plan. Unfortunately, their current plan and budget rapidly became outdated during the pandemic. The CEO asks your team to help create a more agile, dynamic, and tech-enabled approach aiming to strengthen organizational/financial health, retain/develop people, and best serve their patients and communities.

  • Mapping to Mission – Start by identifying strategic needs considering multiple stakeholders, including patient care, financial, public/population health perspectives, and the requirements of physicians, nurses, and staff.  
  • ROI – Consider health information systems as an expense/cost and strategic investment and asset. Discuss strategies and create a value proposition. What would you contribute to the health IT budget presentation for the board?
  • Assess before you Treat –  Conduct a needs assessment. Then, engage with multiple classmates to prioritize. Build on the best ideas of others. Develop solutions for your client. Share multiple roles. Who would you engage in this process?   

Contribute actionable ideas. Need some new, fresh, relevant ideas that are working for others? has lots of emerging practices to discover and share.  Reference the lab to help strengthen your credibility and help you plan to be funded/have an impact.

Enrich your credibility by referencing course readings/resources and focusing on strategies and solutions.  

Prepare to vote on the best strategic ideas and plans for more specific project management for next week.  Ideas can focus more on the needs of a department/unit/area that you care about the most. So, it is time to fight for the budget needed and progress forward. Put the inspiration of the health tech pioneers to work and help create the future! Aim for success, significance, and impact.