can anyone help with this world history/greek mythology project? requirements below.

You were introduced to Greek myths in this unit. For this unit project, you will do extensive research on Greek mythology.

Greek mythology can be seen in modern popular culture and is used by some of the world’s top companies and events such as Nike and the World Olympics. As well, the stories of Greek mythology have been told throughout time and are still represented in modern movies, TV shows, books, comics, and cartoons.

For your unit project, you will choose a top company or event within modern popular culture today whose name, brand or image is derived from ancient Greek mythology. You can choose one mentioned above or you can choose one of your own. Your name must relate to a popular, well-known company in modern culture and be of Greek mythology origins.

This unit project consists of two major components:

  1. Research the origins of the Greek name that you choose. Include any events, people, gods/goddesses, or stories related to the Greek mythology origins and legends of the name.
  2. Research the company that uses the Greek name and find out the image and purpose of the business.

Now, let’s get started!

Part One

Write a 200-word report on this company. Explain its origins, background, company mission statement and/or culture. Make sure to complete a rough draft, and correct grammatical errors where necessary, before typing your final report.

In the 200-word report, answer the following questions regarding this business:

  • What is the purpose of the business? Who started the company?
  • Discuss whether or not the company initial purpose has stayed the same or changed over time.

You will submit Part One along with Parts Two and Three, which are explained below.

Part Two

Write an essay with at least 500 words explaining whether the company’s purposes relate to the Greek myth surrounding the company name. Use specific details to support your answer. Within your essay, answer these guiding questions:

  • What are the similarities or differences?
  • Do you think that the elements of the name origins relate to the culture of the company or not? If so, how?
  • How has the company tried to mimic elements of the name, knowing what the meaning stands for? This could have been done through advertising, branding, colors, logos, commercials, etc.
  • Lastly, explain why you think this name has outlasted throughout time into our modern culture. (Consider what you learned about culture in the beginning of the course.)

Make sure to complete a rough draft, and make grammatical error corrections where necessary, before typing your final essay.

Part Three

Create a PowerPoint presentation that displays elements of the name’s origins; this can be pictures or drawings of the gods/goddesses, events, stories, etc. and also of the company’s brand. Make sure to include five slides and at least two bullet points of description for each. Also, make sure to properly use in-text citations for the sources you use in the slides whether it is information, photos, data tables, etc. Make sure to use in-text citations for your sources, including photos, information or data.

Submit all three parts of this project together on one document. You will write the report and essay on the same document, but you will need to title them separately with one title being “The report” and the other being “The essay.” You may choose your own unique title for each written part, but make sure to type whether it is the report and essay for grading purposes.

Again, your report should be at least 200 words and your essay should be at least 500 words, typed in MLA format with at least two sources, and you must include your Works Cited page and properly use in-text citations when you use any source within your report and essay to support your main ideas or to use as details. You must use at least two or more sources for the entire project.

  • Click on the link in the Red Box to view the Project Rubrics for this project.

Remember that anything you use to research must be cited.

Your report and essay paper must be written in MLA style. For more information on using the MLA citation format please visit the following website. This is a great website to bookmark for future reference when writing academic papers:

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Use at least two sources for the entire project, use in-text citations and create a works cited page. Turn in both parts on the same document and label each part of the project; and attach the presentation to to file upload so that all three are submitted at the same time.

Project Rubrics