can you answer below question 3

JP Morgan Chase & Co. Company (publicly traded company & their annual report).

  • Now that you have their financial information. I would like you to perform a ratio analysis on the financial statements. Focus on the financial statement analysis chapter (PDF) you are reading this week
  • You will want to compute ratios for your company for the last two years. Do not compute each ratio you learned about for your company.
  • There may be some that are not relevant. Rather focus on those eight ratios that you feel are the most important and relevant to analyze how your company is doing.
  • Make sure to justify the ratios that you choose for your analysis. Compare how your company has done to the industry averages.
  • Do you notice any trends that are positive or negative? Does anything look good or bad that is notable?
  • Do you have any suggestions on things they could be doing to improve these ratios? Please analyze what you found for each of the eight ratios.
  • Be sure to include some background on your company in your presentation.

15 slides Power Point

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