Capstone Project Discussion

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5.3 You may currently have little or no cost for your project because your organization is covering the costs. But there will be costs for the continuation of your project after this course. Even if it as simple as printing instructions for patients or nurses, there is a cost for paper and printing. There is also a cost for the time of an educator if your project will continue to be taught in orientation for new nurses.  Be sure to include the cost savings and ongoing benefit to the organization if the project is continued after this class is finished.

Getting Started

Throughout the NUR-495 course, you will actively engage in strategically planning for and managing a planned change project within the scope of your current professional role.  For this field-based project, you will identify a specific problem or need to serve as the foundation for a faculty-guided capstone experience.  Project-related experiences are integrated throughout the course, and will involve application of strategic planning and management processes.

As you consider the activities necessary to implement your capstone project, you will find many similarities between the “planning and implementation” phases of the nursing process to the “work schedule” used to guide the capstone project.  In both cases, these steps serve as an action plan to direct specific activities and tasks that will facilitate achieving a specific outcome.  In the case of your capstone project, the work schedule you developed in Workshop Three serves as a dynamic plan to communicate the activities and tasks that are necessary to perform to successfully achieve your project outcome.  During Workshop Four, you identified potential threats or challenges to the capstone project, as well as a contingency plan to address those concerns.  This week, you will specifically focus on the financial impact of the capstone project and the sustainability of the planned change within your organization over time.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

Assess the financial impact and sustainability of the capstone project.

Implement the activities of your strategic plan necessary to complete the capstone project.


Textbook: Fundamentals of Project Management

Website: United States Department of Labor Sustainability Toolkit

Background Information

As discussed in Workshop One, the planned change process is rather iterative in nature, with dynamics that are organic rather than static.  For this reason, we tend to think of a planned change project as a work in continual process.  With each workshop, you will polish and fine-tune aspects of your plan as part of the learning process.  Each facet of the planned change process will be unpacked, examined, and critically applied to your capstone project.  As you advance in the course, each workshop will bring an opportunity to carefully reflect upon and streamline your work.  When the capstone course ends, your final project documentation will accurately articulate the planned change process that you have created and managed.

In the previous workshops, you considered a variety of factors that affect the change process, established a problem statement, plan for evaluation, and detailed work schedule to guide the capstone project.  In addition, you examined potential threats and challenges to the capstone project.

In this workshop, you will assess the present and future financial impact of the capstone project, as well as any modifications to the plan that may result from financial constraints.  In addition, you will consider the sustainability of the project, identifying specific measures and resources necessary to maintain the change once the formal work of the capstone is complete.

Please note: Eight hours of workshop time is allocated for your efforts in this assignment since this work does not directly pertain to your 7.3 Capstone Project Presentation.


Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

Review chapter 20 in Leading and Managing in Nursing.

Review Chapter 12 in the Fundamentals of Project Management textbook.

Visit the Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Program Sustainability Toolkit page at

Please go to the “Related Content” on the left side of the webpage, select and read the “TAACCCT Sustainability Toolkit.

Revisit the capstone work you completed in the previous workshops, as well as any instructor feedback that you received.

Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:

What is the current financial impact of your capstone project on the organization and the patient?  Explain current costs involved with project implementation, and how those expenses are being funded.  (Be sure to include the cost of both human and material resources, as well as savings realized through the initiative.)

What is the future financial impact of your capstone project on the organization and the patient?  Explain projected costs necessary to sustain the change project, and how those expenses will be funded.  (Be sure to include the cost of both human and material resources, as well as savings projected for the future.)

Identify and explain any modifications to the capstone project that are necessary because of financial considerations.

Describe the project-related activities you want to sustain after your NUR-495 coursework is complete, and explain how sustaining these elements of the project will benefit the organization.  Include specific resources, stakeholders, and collaboration necessary to sustain your change initiative.

Cite and reference a minimum of one source for your initial posting.