career paper data analytics

`the paper is on data analytics as a career choice. The requirements are posted below. APA format, 12 size font, times new roman.

Your report should have at least three single-spaced pages for the body of the report.Types of information to be included in this career informational report are as follows:

• Description of the career

• Skills required

• Training and education required

• Tasks, duties and responsibilities

• Work environment

• Future job outlook

• Earnings range (annual entry and maximum)

• Advantages and disadvantages of career choice

• Interesting facts about career

• Related occupations to career choice

Write your informational paper with your audience in mind. Your audience has no prior knowledge of this career field.

Follow formatting guidelines as shown on pages 499 to 508.You will not need to include an executive summary or conclusions and recommendations. At the end of an informational report, a “Conclusion” is used.

• 3-6 pages in length report, single spaced withappropriate paragraph headings

• Font Size 10 or 12

• Times New Roman style font

• Title Page

• Transmittal Memorandum (example on page 494-495)

• Table of Contents

• Reference citations in body of paper using APA citation style, Pages 499 -508

Grading Criteria (Informational Career Paper)


15 points — Title Page, Transmittal Memorandum, Table of Contents, Reference citations in body of paper

15 points — Followed correct formatting guidelines as shown onpages Appendix B-1 through B-5 of textbook

10points — Content clear, informative and error free

10 points Works cited (minimum four)