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Final Project: Supporting Students With Anxiety For your final project, you will create an artifact that would support you in implementing the knowledge and skills you have developed with the purpose of supporting an individual student or a group of students with anxiety in your own role-specific environment. You should design the artifact and choose an audience to suit your professional role. Assignment Objectives • Explain anxiety, and explain its causes and manifestations. • Propose professional and classroom interventions that would support a student with anxiety. • Devise methods for evaluating your progress and success at meeting personal and professional goals set for the course. • Devise a plan for using an appropriate artifact to share your knowledge of course concepts with a specific audience. • Create an artifact that reflects and applies course concepts for teaching to others. • Plan for implementation of the created artifact and evaluation of its success. Examples of artifacts may include (but are not limited to) the following: • Creating a presentation that you could share with your professional learning community– –or another group of stakeholders who know and work with the student you have chosen––in which you plan and propose supports for the student in a variety of settings • Developing a series of small pull-out lessons or activities for your targeted student, a group of students with anxiety, or your full class to help them in mitigating and managing their anxiety • Developing a detailed case study of the selected student and preparing a presentation for faculty and administration based on your findings in which you propose schoolwide adaptations to support the student and other students with anxiety in your school * *Please do not use students’ real names in your final project. Assignment Components Your completed final project should include the following items: 1. A plan for (1) how you will implement the artifact you have created into your role-specific environment and (2) how you will evaluate its effectiveness and impact on your intended audience. 2. Explain how this artifact demonstrates your progress toward meeting or that you have met the personal and/or professional goal(s) you have set. Page 2 of 4 3. Include a description of the specific challenges you anticipate may arise as you implement your artifact and the strategies that you will use to overcome these challenges. How will you practice self-accountability through these challenges and ensure that you pursue implementation of your artifact when obstacles present themselves? 4. Apply the course concepts to the artifact through methods that demonstrate appropriate awareness of your audience (e.g., age-appropriate tone). 5. Include the specific knowledge and skills that you have obtained from this course that you would expect your audience to know or be able to do after engaging with your artifact. You may include details such as the following: • Potential causes of the anxiety • How the anxiety manifests • Analysis of the type(s) of anxiety and the tier of intervention needed, which may include an assessment tool • Intervention strategies at the individual, small-group, and whole-class levels • Appropriate resources for parents or students, such as books, videos, or articles • School or classroom policies that support students with anxiety Output Recommendations • All work should be presented in a professional manner, including the use of spelling, grammar, and visual formatting. • Include your name and the current date in any work you submit or create for the project. • Your project should include additional supportive information from at least 3 outside sources (resources that are not included within the course). These sources should be cited appropriately using APA style, and included in a References list with your submission. • If you choose to create a document that is mostly text, such as a report or a letter: o Your project should be 2000-3000 words in length. o The document should be formatted appropriately for the type of document and the intended audience, including font settings, titles and headings, page layout, and page numbers. o Include appropriate citations to your outside sources within the document and add a References page at the end of the file. • If you choose to create a video or a presentation, the final product should be between 8 and 12 minutes in length. o Videos: ▪ Include your name, the title of your project, and a current date in the opening frames. ▪ Include your voice in at least part of the video, such as in the introduction. Your face is welcome, too! ▪ Create an outline (or even a complete script) of what you want to cover, to ensure that you address all topics you want to include. Page 3 of 4 ▪ Make sure that all audio is clear in the final project. You might consider doing a voice over after creating the visual content to have more control over sound quality. ▪ Make sure that all visual content is clear using standard playback settings. ▪ Submit a document that includes an outline or script of the content of your video and a References page listing your sources. o Presentations: ▪ Include your name, the title of your project, and a current date on the title slide. ▪ Follow the 7 x 7 rule (or something similar) so that the audience can focus on the main concepts rather than reading large blocks of text. ▪ Use the Notes pane to include additional comments that you would include if you were to present this to an audience. ▪ Use an appropriate and attractive template instead of the default black on white ▪ Include appropriate pictures that are formatted and sized for the context. ▪ Voice over is optional, but encouraged. A voice over allows you to record what you would say if you were to give the presentation to an audience. ▪ PowerPoint allows you to export the presentation to a video, which you can submit along with the PowerPoint file if you wish. ▪ Sources should be cited on appropriate slides (in the Notes pane, for example), and the last slide sh