case studies 43

Case Study 1

You are hired to conduct a security test in a network. A router is configured to assign IP addresses to connect to stations. When using the VIStumbler tool to check the wireless connection, it indicates that channel 4 is active. The configured SSID is linksys and WEP is enabled.

According to the gathered information, provide a listing os possible vulnerabilities with this configuration on the WLAN. Also, provide recommendations to improve the wireless security. Write at least two paragraphs.

Case Study 2

You have been assigned to set up a new laptop at your work. You are tasked to maintain privacy and security of the wireless system.

According to this information, use the attached OSSTMM document and search for Section E: Wireless Security. Provide information on how you will make sure that the laptop’s wireless system is secured. Write at least two paragraphs.