case study analysis 2

Below are questions in regards to the case study, you are going to read the case study and afterwards I only want you to answer question 3. Im only posting the other questions so you can get an idea of the overall paper. Question 3 is a follow up from question 2. Write two paragraphs (3 max) on question 3. After you answer the question, provide an outline of your summary to go into one powerpoint slide. I will do the powerpoint, I just need you to provide the information for the powerpoint. This does not require a works cited page! This is solely based on the case.

You are Dr. Jack Perry, a successful dentist in Cromwell, Canada. Your practice is doing well, and your business is growing, however, there are signs that your employees are not as motivated as they should be. You are considering changing the current compensation system.

Start with an overview describing the overall situation, then address the questions below. Include details and specifics in your answers. Make sure that you review the enclosed exhibit (i.e., income statement).

1. Why are morale and performance low among the employees? What are the weaknesses of the current compensation system?

2. What are the pros and cons of the two profit‐sharing structures that you are considering? Can you think of another option? What are the pros and cons of that one?

3.Which option do you think would appeal the most to the current employees? Why?( YOU ONLY HAVE TO ANSWER THIS ONE)

4.What should you do? Keep the current system or change it? Which option should you implement and WHY? What are the financial implications of your decision for your employees and yourself? (Be specific!)