case study snd paper marketing 410


Based on the provided article, and additional research conducted by you on Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, marketing strategies, and consumer trends, answer the following questions:

  1. For marketers, what additional value (besides surge in sales) do those two days provide to researchers? List and discuss at least two (or more) in your answer.
  2. How do consumer behaviors/trends differ between Black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday sales? How are they becoming similar? List and discuss.
  3. Consumers are making both calculated (‘surgical’) shopping decisions, but also spontaneous (‘impulsive’) decisions. Which of the two is rising, and why?
  4. Do Cyber Monday sales outperform Black Friday’s? Why or why not? Explain.
  5. Take two of the 5 marketing strategies discussed in Slide 9, and provide at least one real-life example to each one. Discuss.

4 Pages, Double-spaced, APA format!