case study uwm school 10 minute sales presentation 1 page single spaced

case study is in the pdf below. Need a word doc not Powerpoint

B.Prepare:Deaver Brown & Cross River Case – (Canvas) – A written word-for-word ten-minute sales presentation to the buyer and a “grading sheet” showing four criteria) to grade the presentations that three selected students will give in class.Each student including those who will give their presentations in class must submit a written ten-minute narrative and the four-point grading sheet.If your surname begins with A through K prepare your presentation for the K-Mart buyer.If you surname begins with L through Z prepare your presentation for the Macy’s buyer.A buyer guest will be in class for students selected in advance to give their presentations.Note: Use the General Comments on the Deaver Brown Case – as an aid in preparing the sales presentation write-up.