Case Western Reserve University Legalization of Prostitution Discussion

Essay 1: 

For the essay, write about your initial reaction towards legalizing prostitution and how that may have changed or solidified your perspective after doing some research and talking with others. Spend some time looking into some research that supports each side of the argument (both for and against the legalization). Since you missed the class debate, be sure to find at least 3-5 other people and ask them how they feel regarding the subject, why they feel that way and exchange some of the information you found during your research. It doesn’t matter who you talk to-it could be family members, friends, or other students on campus to simulate the debate experience.  Be sure to address if you consider legalizing prostitution a public health concern. There are no right or wrong answers. This is an opportunity for you to explore novel topics and understand why you have the opinions you do. 

(be against legalization)

The essay 1  should be at least 500 words. 

Essay 2: 250 word

Review the story of Mary Mallon, also known as, “Typhoid Mary”. Here is a link to the podcast in class that will go over the story of Mary Mallon, like we talked about today in the office and give you some information on Typhoid. Feel free to supplement your understanding by looking up sources in Arabic to help you better understand. Write an essay in which you are trying to convince the reader to support your argument about whether the Government was right in forcibly quarantining her. This essay should be a more formal academic writing. 

it should have A Thesis Statement

  • For example: Because of its benefits, it should be legal.

The essay 2 should be at least 250 words.