chapters 9 amp 10 race and ethnicity and gender and society essay questions

1. What factors make communities vulnerable to genocide? How should other countries react and respond to genocide seems imminent? Apply conflict theory to illustrate your point

2. What links have researchers identified between race and health outcomes in the United States? What sociological factors explain poorer health among minorities than among Whites? Do you think public policy can be used to address this problem?

3. Explain how an individual is socialized into a gender that they identify within the following stages: Early childhood, preteen years, adolescence, and young adulthood, parenthood. What sociological factors impact the socialization in each of these stages?

4. What are the key issues of feminism in the Unites States in the 21st century? Who is considered as a feminist today in comparison to 30 years ago?

5. Gender inequalities in primary institutions (such as family, education, and the workplace) have been widely researched. Consider other institutions, such as religion, politics, or criminal justice. Create a research question that would address gender inequality in one of these other institutions (religion, politics, or criminal justice).