character analysis 15


You will write a 5-6 page APA paper that will analyze a movie/show fictional character depicting a psychological disorder of your choice. Mental health is not always represented accurately and is sometimes romanticized in Hollywood. You are required to compare and contrast the symptoms displayed by the fictional character in the movie/show with the current disorder’s DSM-5 diagnostic criteria (symptoms). The DSM-5 is a handbook used by mental health professionals to diagnose an individual displaying psychological distress. You will use your book (chapter 14 and 15) and the DSM-5 handbook when looking for the symptoms that fit the diagnosis and possible treatment(s). You will begin by choosing three of your top movies/shows (this was done in Discussion Board #2). To prevent everyone from choosing the same movie, I will choose one of the three options you provided me. I will reply to you with the final movie assigned to you. If you have a movie/show that was not included in the list below, you may include it in your list (approval will be required).


1. The assignment will be typed and double-spaced with 1-inch margins all throughout

2. You are required to include 10 sources or more in your paper (i.e. journal articles, web pages, books, videos, etc.). Seven of these sources need to be primary sources (three of these can be secondary sources).

3. Core material to include:

  1. In the introduction, include a brief biography of the fictional character and why you chose it.
  2. Identify the psychological disorder(s) portrayed by the character.
  3. Include all symptoms displayed throughout the movie/show (use chapter 14 and the DSM-5).
  4. Provide possible background information that may support the cause of the condition/diagnosis (use the hereditary vs. environment argument).
  5. If there are multiple characters with a diagnosis, include a separate profile for each.
  6. Is the character(s) officially diagnosed? If not, are they aware of such diagnosis? Is there any treatment in place?
  7. Include a treatment that the character may benefit from and why they would
    Category Points Requirements
    Core material 20 pts Bullet points a through g should be included within your paper in an organized manner.
    Critical thinking and analyzing 10 pts Use critical thinking and analyze the character(s) thoroughly. Provide rationale for your thought process.
    APA guidelines 20 pts Include a title page, running head, reference page, in-text citations, page numbers, headings, and subheadings.
    Ten sources 20 pts Include at least seven primary sources to support your facts and opinions (use the library’s sources). The other three can be secondary sources. Your sources should include at least five journal articles, a book, and a video.
    Paraphrasing 10 pts Plagiarism should be avoided. Your similarity percentage score needs to be 20% or below. When using primary sources to support your arguments, use your own words.
    Organization and structure 10 pts Your paper includes a thesis statement within your introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You will also include appropriate transitions between paragraphs. You must write at least 5 full pages and no more than 6 pages total. The title page, abstract, and references page is not included in this page count requirement.
    Spelling, grammar, and punctuation 10 pts Use accounts like Grammarly to avoid spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Visit UP’s writing center for additional writing tips.