cio organization assessment 3

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You will develop a memorandum addressed to the CFO that explains how you want to change your IT Department into a CIO organization and why.Your memo will address each of the topics listed below, and should be written so that it flows well from one section to the next.In addition to the course materials, at least one external resource (resource other than those provided in the class) must be used. Two or more cited references will earn top credit. Use a separate References page to list just the references you have cited.Remember to use the APA formatting rules and correctly cite and reference your sources with APA format.Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything.

Please include the following in your memorandum, ensuring that each section flows well to the next, and that the overall memo creates a compelling justification for your new organizational structure.

  • Introduction and Purpose – Open your memo with a brief (2 or 3 sentences) explanation of why you are writing it.Provide some background on the current inefficiencies in the IT Department; thus, the need for reorganization.
  • Leadership Philosophy – Since you are the CIO and a member of the senior leadership team of GGFRT, it is important for the other members of the team to understand your (1) leadership philosophy and (2) the management style you will use to meet the company’s needs.This should be a short paragraph that ties to the priorities and/or issues outlined in the Case Study, and lays the foundation for the organizational structure you will propose below.Refer to course readings and presentations on leadership.This is also a good area in which to do some external research for specific leadership qualities and a management style you will utilize.
  • Internal IT Strategies – To show how your CIO organization will support GGFRT, you will present and explain three (3) internal IT strategies.For Part 2 of your IT Strategic Plan, you provided at least one (1) example of an internal IT strategy.Identify your internal IT strategy from the ITSP #2 assignment, then add two (2) more internal IT strategies, so that you have a total of three (3).The strategies you develop must address:people, process and technology – one strategy for each.Describe each of the three strategies, identify if they address people, process or technology and explain how they will help improve the organization’s effectiveness.Refer to the “Creating a Future Vision for the Chief Information Officer” from Week 2 for an explanation of internal and external (business-enabling) IT strategies.A short introductory paragraph should be included before the table’s content.
  • Current IT Department Structure – Use the information provided in the Case Study to draw an organization chart depicting the current roles and responsibilities of only the 22 IT Department personnel.You may take some liberties in how you align the staff that is described in the Case Study, but all IT staff positions or groups must be included in the structure.Be sure to introduce or explain your organizational chart in the section’s introduction.Refer to course materials for an example of an IT organization chart.You may use the Shapes tool or the SmartArt tool to develop your organizational hierarchy chart, or you may paste in your chart from another drawing tool.
  • New CIO Organization – Explain in a paragraph or two how a CIO Organization is different from an IT Department. Included should be the goals/responsibilities of an IT Department, a CIO Organization, then the differences between them. Integrate examples from the case study in your response.Be sure to create a transition from the previous section. This may be an area for you to do some external research (a reference should be provided for more credit).
  • Key Services – List and explain three (3) key services (personnel, sub-departments of the CIO Organization) that need to be included in your new CIO organizational structure.You may eliminate functions or positions from your current organizational structure if you believe it will improve your effectiveness and/or efficiency; these should be explained.You should also add (and explain) any functions that you will need in your new CIO organization.Be sure these services are appropriate to your IT strategies (section #3) and note how each relates in your discussion.
  • New CIO Organization Structure – Briefly explain what changes you will make and why.Draw an organization chart depicting your new CIO organizational structure.Be sure that the key services you listed are covered by the new organizational structure. (Follow the guidelines for drawing the organization chart given above for the current organization.)
  • Key Milestones – Your memo should include three (3) key milestones (tasks or events) associated with accomplishing the changes that you see are needed to change the IT Department into a CIO organization.Each milestone should be briefly described (in a sentence or two) and a target completion date should be shown.In addition, for each milestone you should identify at least one issue or concern you have with accomplishing it.One example using a milestone not related to the organization might be:The milestone is to consolidate all servers into a new data center by Oct 2017.Some issues might be: (1) a secure data center must be located, (2) it will require significant downtime for the corporate servers, and (3) the initial cost will be high.An example related to the case study is presented below.

Please use the following table, copying/pasting it into your assignment (add lines if needed):

Internal IT Strategy/Description

(Spring 2019)

People, Process, or Technology (state which one or more is applicable

Explanation how this IT Strategy will Help Improve the Organization’s Effectiveness

Example:do not use but leave it in the table when completing this section.

Meet compliance requirements by updating current technology or developing/acquiring new technology to meet these various mandates (only one would be chosen from the business strategic objective from ITSP #1).


By updating Accurate Financials (to meet SOX requirements), updating current or developing a new Fleet Maintenance System, notification on 10K mandated vehicle safety checks will be timelier, developing technology to capture driver hours, the company will be more proactive in their scheduling of vehicles and drivers in their operations which results in a more efficient day-to-day operations.

Please use the following table, copying/pasting it into your assignment (add lines if needed):

Key Service (Spring 2019)

State IT Strategy (section #3) /Key Service’s Relationship to IT Strategy

Example:do not use but leave it in the table when completing this section.

Addition to the IT staff of a Compliance Officer

Meet compliance requirements by updating current technology or developing/acquiring new technology to meet those mandates/By adding this position, it will oversee any projects/personnel that would be involved on any projects where compliance mandates are being implemented to ensure that all mandate requirements are covered in the software.

Please use the following table, copying/pasting it into your assignment (add lines if needed):

Key Milestone (Spring 2019)

Target Completion Date (list in chronologic order)

Issue(s)/Concerns Accomplishing the Milestone

Example:do not use but leave it in the table when completing this section.

Hiring of the Compliance Officer

October 31, 2019

Finding a person with the correct skill set with a thorough understanding of both IT and the various agencies’ compliance requirements may be difficult