cis4202 case study complete given scenario

  1. Case Study You are hired to conduct a security testing on a network. You identified 5 web servers. One of the servers is running with an old Windows 2008 Server with IIS version 6.0. The server is used to manage and update inventory on an Oracle database server. The users need to have remote access to this server. There is also a need have a website that user can access via a web browser for updating or manage the inventory. There also more than two servers running on different platforms.With the given scenario:
    • Provide a vulnerability report of the current configuration of the Windows 2008 server. Suggest recommendations to increase or upgrade the web server security.
    • Search for best practices and tools to conduct your web security and vulnerability testing.
    • As the scenario described, that there are two or more server running on different platforms, therefore, search for tools that you will use to work in the vulnerability test on different platforms.
    • Provide a description of the name and brief description of the tools that you are going to use for the testing.

    4-6 pages. Please submit with cover page by 2159 Wednesday November 13, 2019