cj230 week 6 assignment

You are to identify ONE specific crime, a crime against a person and describe the following

Create the factual scenario giving rise to the criminal prosecution in both state and federal court

Indicate the name of the specific crime which may be prosecuted in federal court based on the scenario and provide the definition of that crime, including a citation or reference to the applicable statute

Similarly indicate the name of the crime which may be prosecuted based upon the same conduct in a state court. Be sure to identify the state statute and as you did in #2 define the crime and provide a citation to the authority

Explain a cultural factor that may influence how the crime may be prosecuted. A cultural factor might include a person’s socioeconomic, ethnic or religious background in tour response, discuss how various cultures might interpret the wording of two statues differently. Be sure to discuss how one culture might view a crime differently than another based on cultural particular viewpoint.

APA format, should not exceed 2 pages excluding cover and reference pages, 2 credible sources