cje4065 written assignment 5 is pertaining to four special populations which include 1 domestic violence 2 immigration 3 mental illness and 4 human trafficking

Written Assignment 5 is pertaining to four special populations which include (1) domestic violence, (2) immigration, (3) mental illness, and (4) human trafficking.

Prepare a paper on one of the above special populations. Conduct your research on the chosen topic and discuss some of the issues, negative and/or positive, that are associated with this population. You can discuss examples or use several related real-life situations. If you find any videos relating to these topics, make sure you properly cite the video. Make sure you refer to the writing rubric to ensure you do not lose valuable points. Please make sure you research APA topics and related matters and DO NOT depend solely on the various citation machines out there. Some of them are not up to date and as a result, your citations and/or references will be incorrect. This will be your hardest graded paper.

For this assignment, you MUST complete the following requirements:

1.Six-page paper, 1-inch margins, left aligned, double spaced (NO JUSTIFIED MARGINS)

PG 1) a.Cover page with required items in correct order to avoid deductions

PG 2) b.Abstract with 150-250 words

3 FULL PAGES) c.Body of paper will be three pages

– make sure you use paragraphs to transition from one idea to the next.

– A single paragraph should not be a full page.

PG 6) d.Reference page

2.Minimum of three references that MUST NOT be older than 5 years.

3.If you use a reference that is older than 5 years, you must replace it with one that is within requirement.

4.The required three references MUST be peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles.

– Make sure you include the appropriate URL or doi number

– Make sure the Retrieved from format is APA compliant

5. NO WEBSITES can count as one of the required peer-reviewed, scholarly journals.

– If you use a website, make sure there is a peer-reviewed,
scholarly journal article that offsets it.