claim letter 3

Your claim letter documents a problem with a specific product or service you have purchased and shows that you deserve compensation. In this assignment, request specific action to solve the problem.

Your audience will be the manager who will review your case and who has the authority to act on it.

Your goal is to use facts to persuade your reader to give you what you want.

Remain factual in your claim letter. Don’t get angry or emotional, since facts, not feelings, get results.

In paragraph 1, give the facts by briefly describing the purchase. Give the date, place, item, and cost. Add information about the salesperson and delivery to support your claim.

In paragraph 2, explain what went wrong in a factual way that shows that you were not to blame. If you are requesting damages, be sure to include estimates and documentation.

In the third paragraph, be very specific (but reasonable) about what you want and when you want it. If you want a full cash refund and additional money for damages, say so. Don’t let the reader decide what you should receive. Close your letter in a brief but positive way.

You may support your claim by including a list of receipts, warranties, photographs, or other evidence to support your claim. You do not need to provide such materials; only list them on the enclosure line. You should also refer to your evidence in the letter itself.

Important instructions:

  • Use letter format correctly (cf. business letter format in the previous assignment).
  • Keep your writing style simple.
  • Avoid rudeness, sarcasm, or threats. Avoid praise of the company or flattery to your reader.
  • Provide all specifics about the case.
  • Proofread to correct all errors.
  • Sign your letter.

Please read the following carefully:

  1. Choose a real product or service that you have been displeased with. If you have never been displeased, you will have to make it up.
  2. Find the real/made- up address of the company responsible for the product or service.
  3. Find the real/made- up name of the person or department who would receive your letter.
  4. 1 page – /3 paragraphs (NOT MORE)
  5. Letter must be free of grammatical errors. Letter must be polite and professional. Clearly communicate your issue and what resolution you are seeking.