Cloud Service Providers Software Engineering Questions

Question Description


Question 1A

Use Case for Medical Office

  • The receptionist asks the patient for their last name and date of birth and sees if they are a patient and if they have any account balance before making the appointment
  • If a new patient, the receptionist asks the patient for additional information such as their full name and address and advises them to come in 30 minutes before the appointment to fill out the necessary forms
  • The receptionist asks the patient if they have any time constraints (days and times) before looking up the schedule to find an appointment
  • The receptionist confirms that the appointment time is acceptable to the customer before making the appointment
  • If the patient agrees the receptionist records the patient’s name and date of both in the scheduling system

Develop a use case diagram for this scenario

Question 2A

Definition of Terms

Find a definition for your designated term and upload to discussion board to form study guide for next quiz, provide link to where you found it


4.Data Center




Question 3A

Research Cloud Service Providers

  • Research your assigned cloud provider:

“Microsoft Azure”

  • Prepare a short summary of the service

–Describe its offerings

–What is the scope of the service (IaaS, StaaS, etc.)

–How big is it (% of market, etc.)

–Three big companies using it

–Does it have a free option for students?

Question 1B

Find, discuss, and explain the use of the following terms in software architecture in your own words:






6.Dynamic library



9.Load balancer






15.Source Code

  • Upload with a link to where you got the information!

Question 2B

Answer the following questions about the selected product:

“AWS CodeCommit”

  • Why do you think your VCS is so popular?
  • Who originally wrote it and why?
  • Is it secure or can anyone see it?

Also answer the following general questions:

  • What is the difference between pull and a check out?
  • What process should be done before each check-in?
  • What types of file should NOT be included in source control?