cmn 455 intro media studies essay 3 options 1

This essay (either selecting Option 1, 2, or 3) should be approximately 4-5pages typed in 12-point double-spaced Times New Roman.Include page numbers and appropriate MLA/APA citations.

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OPTION 1: For this essay, read a handful of articles related to the pros/cons of binge watching television. I have linked many articles below, but there are many more articles on a topic that has received much media attention and scholarship in recent years. In your essay, briefly introduce your topic by discussing some of the articles you read by connecting the writers’ arguments/analysis to your own experiences in watching television, especially binge watching. Some questions you might address(you do not need to address all of these):

OPTION 2: For this essay, readthis article from The Washington Post, “Is Netflix killing the movie theater? Not so fast”from December 2018. You should begin your essay with at least a couple of pages synthesizing the article and providing discussion and analysis on the issues involved in the article.While the article discusses the surprising growth of theatricalticket sales in 2018(8%), and why there are still serious areas of concernfor the theatrical film industry, it does not fully contextualize theoverall decliningtrends in ticket sales in relation to the growth of streaming entertainment(most recent estimatesindicate2019 ticket sales will fall short of 2018). Here are theannual domestic theatrical ticket sales since 1995:

OPTION 3: Throughout the last decade,new media startups have launched built around innovative technology to extend our use of media in profound,yet often simple ways (Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005, Twitter in 2006, Instagram in 2010, Snapchat in 2011, etc.).This essay necessitates two smaller writing frames. First, peruse The New Yorker’s archive of articles in its longstanding series, “Annals ofTechnology” n looking through the more recent articles, I want you to pick one of the following articleswritten since March 2018:

For more details, I will upload a PDF.