cmn 457 introduction to language and social interaction

In 500 words not including transcript you will analyse and discuss two separate varieties of ‘complaint’ found in the original Recording assignment you will find a new name to label the other variety of complaint (they are complaints but they are also another thing).

You will start with a list of 6 complaints, 3 of one ‘kind’ and 3 of the other. You will provide a list of file titles from the database and list at what time on the recording each complaint is..

You will introduce two full jeffersonian transcripts of the two different kinds of complaints. You will demonstrate whether they are FPP or SPP (citing course readings) you will use the proof procedure (citing the course readings) to show how these different kinds of complaints get different kinds of responses based on how they are ‘packaged’.

You will also find TWO readings from the EMCAWIKI (Links to an external site.) to link to each different kind of action (complaints and the other kind of complaint). And you will cite these in text.