cmn 567 gender race and class in the media take home exam part b

The question should be answered in approximately 4 pages. As a take-home exam, you are required to use class notes, readings, films, etc. to answer the questions (please cite everything). While not required to make use of outside sources, you are welcome to if it helps you to better answer the question (be sure to still cite everything).

What is “gaystreaming” in the context of the article by Eve Ng (Week 11)? Explicate the concept in relation to the article by Ng and then discuss whether you believe the concept to be a larger media and cultural phenomenon. If you do believe it is part of a larger phenomenon, discuss other examples of gaystreaming within popular mediated culture. If you do not believe gaystreaming is emblematic of media programming writ large, discuss why not. In your answer, be sure to discuss the role of gender and sexuality (vis-à-vis gaystreaming) and its importance within media in relation to broader political struggles and contestation.