cmn507 researched rhetorical analysis 1

Length: Between 1500 and 2000words. For this project, you’ll analyzes short, contemporary text or texts of your choosing. For example, you could analyze recent political speech,an advertisement, a documentary, a press conference, an op-ed, etc…In doing so, you’ll use rhetorical theories/concepts pertaining to either genre (eg. monomyth, apologia) or Burke(eg. scapegoating, the panted).The text(s) you choose should be different from what you analyzed for Project #1. One of the challenges of this paper, as with the previous project, is pairing text(s)worth analyzing with atheoretical/conceptual angle that enables you to develop a rich and insightful analysis of it/them.

I think I post everything. The PDF with title Project 2 is the description of this work. You can check if you need. Thanks