cmr 263 analytics about quot death of a salesman quot

There is a play named “Death of a salesman”. Please answer the following questions, clearly identify them as 1,2, 3,4,5,6: and reflect your own opinions and analyses for each question. please write 900 to 1100 words total. Thank you.

  • Describe the type of sales Willy Loman was involved in. Was it more of a transactional based sale or a trust based, consultative, solution approach? What did Willy sell? Who did he sell to?
  • When did the story take place and how does the American culture and business climate at that time relate to a central theme in the play?
  • Why do you think Willy decided on a career in sales?
  • What did Willy believe was the key to successful selling? Do you agree?
  • Does Willy Loman fit the typical profile of a successful salesman as presented in this course….why or why not?
  • Although Willy was a salesman, do you believe Arthur Miller was writing mostly about sales……or do you think he had a bigger point to make? If so, what? Does Willy’s brother Ben fit into this? Has the play added anything to how you view selling?