cmr 442 social media and mobile evaluation and strategy


  • Defining the small business
  • Entrepreneurship – starting a new business
  • Innovation
  • Market Research
  • Data analytics
  • Additional business factors including technology, regulation, globalization, and the environment

Tools and Exercises:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan
  • Innovation worksheet
  • Lean canvas worksheet
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Market strategy

Marketing, specifically in the online space, is in constant flux. How could any of the tools and practices we’ve learned thus far be used to be more innovative with online marketing for your client’s business? This assignment has two parts:

1) Evaluate a company’s web, social, and mobile marketing presences. For this assignment, use either your client’s business, or if they do not have online and mobile exposure, select another company to analyze. While we don’t have access to the data for a proper evaluation, use your own reactions and judgments regarding the campaign and develop an analysis.

  • List all of the social sites of the small business.
  • How well does the small business balance web, social, and mobile? You should visit their website and social sites from both a laptop/PC/Mac and from a phone or tablet to test how mobile friendly they are.
  • How consistent are the messages/themes across the web and social sites?
  • If appropriate, is it equally easy to order their products/services through web and mobile, and if appropriate, through their social sites?

2) Create an innovative social marketing plan for your client or the business you chose that includes what you have learned in this course.

Use the following questions to help develop your plan.

  • What are your goals for online/mobile marketing for your business?
  • What are your target markets?
  • What messages will you use?
  • List the social sites you will include. How will you leverage the social aspects of social media to enhance your strategy?
  • How will you address the mobile market?
  • How will you track the success of your campaigns? What web data and/or reporting tools will you use?

3) Present your findings/responses to each of the bullet points in parts 1 and 2 in a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation.

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