CNUAS Health IT Project Management Discussion

Week Three: Discussion – Health IT Project Management

Must post first.


You are on the project team, and it is time to get IT done. 

Good news – The Board has decided to start four proof-of-concept projects focused on priority stakeholders.

The next step is to develop initial project teams and plans. Create some key bullet points and text summarizing your proposed project game plan. Choose one or more of the following stakeholder engagement areas.

Project for the patients

Project for clinical staff

Project for financial sustainability

Project for public health

Consider people, processes, and products. 

Realize that success is not only getting IT all to work yet working for all the stakeholders in complex dynamic, connected health ecosystems.

Share some plan highlights on requirements/design, development, implementation/adoption, and evaluation/optimization.

Process – Consider classic PMBOK (project mgmt body of knowledge) – phases to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and close. Also, consider more agile and iterative approaches with ongoing optimization incorporating ongoing stakeholder input, such as Agile or others. Finally, don’t forget ways to engage people and celebrate success metrics achieved/progress/advancement!   

Reference – applicable course readings/resources and add relevance from the discovery lab to strengthen your credibility. 

Engage – with your classmate colleagues to strengthen your position and address opposition.