Columbia Southern University Access Controls Change Procedure Guide Essay


When considering the organization of health
services and public health systems and the services they provide, it is
important to think about how the roles played by different players at
different levels of government are integrated. Systems thinking tools
are helpful to consider the various links, feedback loops, and decision
points among health organizations (e.g., agencies, departments) from the
national level to the local level in an effort to identify
opportunities for improvement and to increase efficiency.

For this
assignment, select a public health challenge in your local community
that is being addressed by efforts from federal, state, and local
levels. Using your critical thinking skills, write an essay that
addresses the components listed below.

  • Write an introduction that briefly explains the public health challenge that you selected.
  • Discuss
    the core roles and how the different health organizations at various
    levels of government work together to address this challenge.
  • Apply
    a systems thinking tool, such as a causal diagram or process map, to
    identify various factors that influence how public health interventions
    are addressing your elected issue. Explain how they are structured and
  • Write a conclusion that highlights the key
    relationships among public health agencies at various government levels
    and how they effectively address the public health challenge that you
    are discussing.

Support your essay with a minimum of two
references. Your essay should be a minimum of two pages in length, not
counting the title or reference pages. Use APA formatting for your