Communication Themes Matrix

Communication Themes Matrix

BSCOM/360 Version 3


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Communication Themes Matrix


Instructions: Using the organization you chose to complete for your Week 2 Organizational Communication Style and Culture Paper, complete the following matrix. Assume that you are an organizational consultant for your chosen organization, and your goal is to suggest ways for this organization to improve efficiency using effective organizational communication. Use the three themes in the matrix to assess problematic areas within each of the nine common characteristics of organizational communication. Put an “X” in the applicable boxes where you believe the organization is most affected by lack of communication leading to low productivity, and briefly explain why you believe that to be the case.

Communication Themes Matrix



Rules /Norms




Communication Networks


Organizational Orientation Leadership Approach(es) Management Communication/ Decision Making


Power Conflict
Traditional Themes (specialization, centralization, information overload)                  
Relational Themes (change in motivation, control, surveillance of people)                  
Cultural Themes (task, role assignment, problem solving)                  
Network Themes (change in structure, systems)


PART B: Communication improvement proposal

Instructions: Once you have completed your matrix, you will be able to see all the areas that can be improved by communication. Prepare a 750-word proposal directed to the CEO of your chosen organization that includes at least two major communication improvement initiatives that could be implemented in order to increase the level of effective organizational communication and may lead to increased productivity. These initiatives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.