comparison and contrast essay 12

(750-1000 words)

Topic: Printed book vs. e-books

No Quotes if possible

Item-Item (Point-by-Point)

  1. Introduction
  2. Item 1 (Comparison of A and B on item/point 1)
  3. Item 2 (Comparison of A and B on item/point 2)
  4. Item 3 (Comparison of A and B on item/point 3)
  5. Conclusion

Notes about the Item-Item (Point-by-Point) organizational plan:

  • This is the most sophisticated format, and it is usually the most successful.
  • Choose items/points on which to compare the two, and then write a paragraph on each item/point.
  • Example: You are comparing your two cousins. Your three main items/points of comparison are their appearances, their personalities, and their lifestyles.

Body paragraph 1: You might explain how similar they are in appearance.

Body paragraph 2: You might discuss how some aspects of their personalities are similar (they both have a good sense of humor) and how some are different (one cousin is quieter than the other).

Body paragraph 3: You might show how one prefers to stay home while the other goes out frequently; one is an accountant while the other is a test pilot; one may keep his house and yard neat and clean while the other’s house and yard are usually messy.

  • You should have 3-5 items/points, but you can have only 2. These would be longer paragraphs than if you had more items.
  • Remember to move back and forth between your two compared people or things throughout the essay. Doing this assures that you are actually making comparisons and contrasts. Avoid simply writing about one in the first half and the other in the second. When you do this, you run the risk of not really doing any comparing at all.