Comparison essay between General Treaty of Congress of Vienna and UN Charter, writing homework help

For your final paper, you will be comparing the General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna (the subject of your first paper WHICH IS ATTACHED TO THE UPLOADED FILE BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!) to parts of the Charter of the United Nations (Preamble, and Chapters: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 14). The purpose of this is to look at the ways the European powers dealt with the aftermaths of large-scale wars changed through time, and why. This is NOT a repeat of your first paper, it is a comparison paper and requires you to place both of the documents in their historical context and think about how the world changed between 1815 and 1945.


This assignment requires you to read the particular parts of the UN Charter (listed above), which came out of World War II, in comparison with The General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna, which came out of the Napoleonic Wars.

You will answer the following question:

Both the Congress of Vienna and the UN Charter came out of large European conflicts, but these are different documents. How are the two documents similar and different? Why do these similarities and differences exist?

You will not be doing outside research for this paper, but you will want to use the textbook and lecture notes. You may also want to look up the UN on the website provided; Wikipedia is fine for background information, but YOU MAY NOT use it as a source!

You MUST use direct evidence from both texts to support your central argument!


This paper should be in 12-pt. Times New Roman type, have 1-inch margins, be double-spaced, and be 1250 to 1500 words. Grammar and spelling absolutely count! This is a formal paper and I expect you to use formal language. You must cite your source, and you may not use outside sources for this assignment other than the textbook and lecture.


In Patterns of World History 2nd edition volume 2 since 1400 with sources (Peter Von Sivers 2015)


The link to the UN Charter: (Links to an external site.)

The link to the General Treaty of the Congress of Vienna: (Links to an external site.)