complete 3 page patient assessment vanessa

In Groups of no more than three people or Individually write a APA citation research paper Using a Case Study/Psychological Evaluation You Will be Provided.

You will also be provided a video of the clinical interview as well for further information on the client.

In your paper, Answer the following Questions:

1) What is the patient’s diagnosis? (There could be more than one diagnosis).

2) What is the clients primary concerns? (Summarize these using the video and the case study).

3) What treatment recommendations would you give the client (There could be more than one).


Write a Paper in APA format (About 3-5 pages long, about 600-1500 words).

No Abstract is Required.

You will use the Case Study provided and the Video as the foundation for your paper. You will use at least 8 scholarly resources to support your conclusions. For example, if you diagnose the patient with Depression, look up scholarly articles on depression and use that content to support your diagnosis. In the recommendation section, if you feel she needs supportive counseling or a medication evaluation, then again look up scholarly articles on the effects of medicine and counseling on depression to support your recommendations.

You must use no less than 8 scholarly resources to serve as the foundation of your paper. Scholarly or peer-reviewed articles are written by experts in academic or professional fields. They are excellent sources for finding out what has been studied or researched on a topic as well as to find bibliographies that point to other relevant sources of information. Those students who do not use scholarly resources or use less than 8 scholarly resources, will be given a possible deduction of up to 25 points off the paper, on this assignment which will lower your grade at least one full letter grade. A Scholarly resource is defined as a published study or article in a peer reviewed Journal of Psychology, such as is contained in the Journal of Personality Theory published by the APA. An academic book may also be considered a scholarly source (such as a textbook. Yes you may use your text for this class as one of your eight sources).


Clinical Interveiw for Child Custody Intro to Counseling and Psychotherapy

Clinical Interveiw for Child Custody Intro to Counseling and Psychotherapy

A woman participates in a counseling session

This video goes along with the case study documents it’s just a visual display.

to help understand the patient and to help diagnose her.