complete part 1 amp part 2 1

part 1;

Communication apprehension is often rated as a top fear factor for students and employees. College will provide you with many opportunities to practice speaking in front of a group, and the chance to observe many people giving speeches. Take this opportunity to think about the skills of great speakers. What traits do you find most effective in a public speaker? How can you emulate these traits when you are making your own presentations? You might want to view a presentation by a public figure to give you some ideas.

Part 2;

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may end up on the back burner when you are focusing on responsibilities related to your schoolwork, job, and family. Recent statistics show that health risks related to obesity are on the rise. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is working to reduce obesity. A good portion of its research is related to “lifestyle modification.” You can take steps to promote a healthy body, just as you enrolled in higher education to improve your mind.

Take a moment to think about your own health habits.

Search the internet to find an article or video related to your health and post your thoughts on what you learned. Write an intention statement here; then return after one week (or a few days) and report back on your success. Please include the link to your online resource.